Kawhi Leonard Happy Doc Rivers Compared Him To Michael Jordan

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Kawhi Leonard has been a great offensive weapon for his coach Doc Rivers, He’s been compared to a lot of players though his physical build has impressed his coach comparing him to the legendary Michael Jordan.

“If the media had been listening to what I was saying,” said Rivers.”we were saying his body type is the most like Michael Jordan. We were talking about body types and I said there’s no body type more like Michael Jordan than Kawhi. I actually said because his hands and his length — I did say part of his game is the in-between game. And that took a whole life.”..

“I’m a guy that feels like just scoring throughout the whole game is pretty key,” said Leonard.

The star forward is happy to show that he’s modeled him game off of Michael Jordan and is currently receiving praise for it. So far this season he’s averaging 29.3 ppg, 7.3 rebounds & 5.7 assists.

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