Kawhi Leonard Responds To Kevin Durant’s Comments

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Fans around the world love the competitiveness of two star players.

Kevin Durant spoke with interviewers regarding the players he considered the toughest to guard.

Many fans would believe he’d mention the leading scorer in the NBA currently James Harden or former MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Durant mentioned his very own list of players he considered the most difficult to guard. Kawhi Leonard was mentioned and he talked with reporters about his mention.

The players mentioned all together were Kawhi Leonard along with Paul George, Lou Williams, LeBron James, and Joel Embiid.

Someone brought it to Kawhi’s attention and he spoke about it.

“I didn’t see, but I appreciate him. It just shows how hard I worked. Coming in, playing him in the playoffs my first year, I wasn’t a go-to guy at all, so that’s a great honor for him to say that.”

Kawhi Leonard is considered one of the top players in the NBA and is having a good season.

Currently this season he’s averaging 26.5 ppg, 7.3 rebounds & 5 assists.

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