Kemba Walker Gets Concussion From Team Mate

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NBA is where you can see some of the greatest basketball players, Kemba Walker recently had a very scary head collision with his team mate. The game against the Denver Nuggets took a awkward turn as he hit the floor while trying to deflect a pass, Kemba lost his balanced and ran directly into his team mate Semi Ojeleye.

Kemba Walker has been diagnosed with concussion-like symptoms. He is being transported to the hospital for further evaluation. Further updates will be provided as appropriate.” – Boston Celtics

Brad Stevens says all of the scans and tests on Kemba Walker came back with positive results.” – Boston Celtics

Following testing at a Denver hospital, Kemba Walker has been released to rejoin the team for its return to Boston. He will be re-evaluated tomorrow and further updates will be provided as appropriate.” – Boston Celtics

Currently he’s back with the team after experiencing a scary possible neck injury,  He hasn’t spoke about the issue publicly yet.

This season he’s doing good putting up 22.6 ppg, 4.9 rebounds, and 4.8 assists in only a few games showing he’s the Celtics best player thus far.

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