Kevin Durant Admits He Wasn’t Happy With Steve Kerr Coaching

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Kevin Durant is known for his offensive style of play and ability to make most of his shots from anywhere on the floor, he recently commented about his feelings towards Steve Kerr’s offensive coaching skills and admitted he wasn’t happy with the way it seemed so predictable.

“The motion offense we run in Golden State, it only works to a certain point,” said Durant. “We can totally rely on our system for maybe the first two rounds. Then the next two rounds we’re going to have to mix in individual play. We’ve got to throw teams off, because they’re smarter in that round of playoffs.

“So now I have to dive into my bag, deep, to create stuff on my own, off the dribble, isos, pick-and-rolls, more so than let the offense create points for me.” Durant won two championships with the Warriors but, never did he express his unhappiness with the coach Steve Kerr.

The star forward averaged 26 ppg, 6.4 rebounds & 5.9 assists on 52% shooting last season when he was a Golden State Warrior.

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