Kevin Durant Passes Larry Bird On All-Time Scoring List

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Kevin Durant has set a new record for himself, the 30-year old forward had 23 points in 33 minutes and is now listed as the 33rd most points scored on the all-time scoring list.

Durant continues to go up in the scoring list and surpasses a previous superstar in Larry Bird.

The next person on the list is Gary Payton and he will pass him very quickly with only needing 7 points to move up to the 32nd spot.

“I mean it would be cool to do that, but I’m not concerned about that, man,” Durant said. “If I start focusing on that, it’s going to take my focus off what I really want to do.”

LeBron James recently passed Michael Jordan and is currently listed as the fifth highest scoring player on the list. Durant being 30 years old means he could attempt to catch up later while LeBron is retired.

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