Kevin Durant Will Be Out For 2019-2020 NBA Season With A Ruptured Achilles

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Kevin Durant recently had a terrifying injury to his Achilles during game 5 of the NBA Finals. Many fans have expressed a lack of patience with the star forward and blame has been pointed at the Warriors for letting him play before he was ready.

The same injury kept fellow teammate DeMarcus Cousins out for an year, which he did return back successfully without missing a step.

The Warriors have shown their support for Durant, coach Steve Kerr was quoted during media time saying “He was cleared to play by everybody involved. Now, would we go back and do it over again? Damn right. But that’s easy to say with the results.

“When we gathered all the information, our feeling was the worst thing that could happen would be a re-injure of the calf. That was the advice and the information that we had. At that point, once Kevin was cleared to play, he was comfortable with that, we were comfortable with that. So the Achilles came as a complete shock.”

The Warriors play game 6 of the NBA finals vs the Raptors today June 13.

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