Kevin Garnett Believes Anthony Davis To The Lakers ‘Has To Happen’

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There has been a lot of speculation about Anthony Davis’ next move when it comes to which team he will pick in free agency.

If Kevin Garnett was in his shoes at the age of 25 he’d move to the Lakers and think’s Davis should think the same.

Garnett is considered one of the top players in NBA history and has been exactly where Davis is right now.

“I told Anthony Davis this to his face,” Garnett told USA TODAY Sports in a telephone conversation. ” ‘You are not playing against the guys you are squaring up against every night. You are playing against history, man.’

“Anthony Davis playing in New Orleans, I don’t want to say they are wasted days, but they are non-days. He needs to be somewhere where he can be with another guy and they can have a run at a championship. He has been in New Orleans long enough. It is time for a change now. This is it. No better time to do this.”

No one knows what Davis is going to do but one thing is for sure when you’re in the NBA after a while you start to focus on how many championships you can win, that’s the most important thing to some players.

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