Kevin Garnett Ordered To Pay $100,000 To Ex Wife

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Kevin Garnett has been ordered to pay his ex wife over 100k in spousal supprt & child support.

His wife of 14 years, real name Brandi Padilla is expecting to also chip in and pay the legal bills as well.

The judge ruled in her favor she asked for $300,000 and another $225,000 which she was able to get Garnett to pay.

She also filed for full custody of their children Kapri and Kavalli.

Kevin responded in Febuary by filing his response asking for joint custody of the kids.

So far the ruling is temporary until the court can get a permanent agreement between both of them.

Kevin Garnett is a ex NBA superstar who made well over 300 million in his career, winning his first and only championship with the Boston Celtics.

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