Kevin Love Honest With Reporters Regarding Trade

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The Cleveland Cavs are currently seeking a trade for forward Kevin Love, So far nothing has been set his trade rumor buzz is also a little slow or non-existence if that sums it up a little better.

He’s now an unhappy player with a team he once won a championship with, Players need a healthy relationship with their teams in order to thrive.

The now unhappy Love has let fans know he would prefer to be on a contender if he’s actually traded.

He’s spoken out and has said his frustration is manly with the fact the team was very competitive when he first arrived and now the team is constantly losing and has also shown they’re not capable of keep their players in engaged during games leading to a ton of losses.

Chris Paul is facing a similar situation with the Oklahoma City Thunder, These stars are getting upset daily about their situations and expect to be moved quickly surely that hasn’t been the situation.

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