Kevin Love Not Happy At The Situation With The Cleveland Cavaliers

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The Kevin Love that we saw in the NBA finals is far from gone.

Right now he’s feeling that his unhappiness should be directed toward the people he works with.

Kevin Love is in an very uncomfortable seat, After winning a championship not long ago now with a losing team.

The star power forward has spoke out and would like to be moved from the team.

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The Cavs are considered a non-playoff team and have a record that reflects their losing scenario.

Kevin Love has now spoke out several times and is showing his frustration with his team losing often.

“Love was screaming in front of teammates and Cavs coaches and front-office members that there was ‘no feel here,’ ”

He’s considered the best player on the team right now. The league will not be happy of his behavior, this could lead to a fine from the NBA.

Despite the distractions he’s averaging 16 points & 10 rebounds so far this season.

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