Kevin Love Opens Up About His Mental Health Issues

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Star of the Cleveland Cavaliers Kevin Love has opened up about his issues with battling mental health issues.

Love had to show mental toughness and continue to give an good effort while he was battling his symptoms.

“I was deflecting because I didn’t want anybody to know,” Love said on HBO series The Shop. “There’s such a stigma around it. But now, I have this saying: ‘Only by admitting who you are do you get what you want.’ So I played all my cards and just said, ‘This is what you get.’ But in that time, until you can admit what’s really going on, you’re in such a hole that you have blinders on. I thought, ‘I don’t want anybody else to tell my story.'”

Last season Kevin Love averaged 17.0 ppg, 10.9 & 2.2 assists for the Cavs.

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