KFC’s Plant-Based Chicken Sold Out In Just Hours!

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Plant-based meat alternatives are very popular right now — and apparently people were so thrilled to try out KFC’s new beyond fried chicken that they sold out in just 5 hours!

KFC#8217;s Plant-Based Chicken Sold Out In Just Hours!

Image Source: New York Post

The KFC in Atlanta sold out in less than five hours on August 27th, with lines “wrapped around the restaurant” from since the stores opening. According to reports, KFC sold as much of the meatless ‘chicken’ as it usually sells popcorn chicken in a week.

KFC will decide whether they want to conduct a larger test or bring it to menus nationwide. This is a big deal for both KFC and Beyond. It also proves that plant-based meat replacements have a huge following and we should expect many more fast-food meat alternative options in the near future.

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