Kim Kardashian Gets Accused Of Racism For Costume Choice

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Kim Kardashian dressed up as late singer Aaliyah for Halloween and well the internet is not pleased.

Kim Kardashian Gets Accused Of Racism For Costume Choice

This year Kim dressed up as musical icons Madonna, Cher, and Aaliyah for costume parties held over the weekend.

Kardashian West, 37, went for the late singer’s look from her 2001 hit “Try Again,”wearing a bejeweled choker, a jeweled bra, black leather pants and heavy eye makeup. She showed off her look on social media saying,“Baby Girl Aaliyah.”

Some social users did not take well to her costume of choice.

However, not everyone was offended by her Halloween costume choice, with some coming to defend Kim.

“What’s the issue with Kim Kardashian dressing up as Aaliyah? IT’S HALLOWEEN Y’all acting as if she did black face,” one user said.

“I HATE when y’all make me defend Kim Kardashian but her Aaliyah costume was nothing even adjacent to cultural appropriation. Please stop,” pointed out another user.

“Kimberly Kardashian West looks great dressed as Aaliyah. THAT is how you pay respect without doing Blackface. Great job @KimKardashian!” another stated.

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