Kim Kardashian Slammed Over Topless Photo Taken By North

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Kim Kardashian is known for posting pictures that leave little to the imagination. However, a recent photo she posted via Instagram on Thursday has brought a lot of criticism for the reality star.

Although, the topless picture taken was far less revealing than most her pictures posted, the reason for the criticism comes from who took the picture — her 4 year old daughter, North West.

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Kim titled the photo ” by North” and the picture has gained some negative responses.

“Why would you get your daughter to take a pic like this? Come on Kim,” one commented.

“So is this what you’re teaching your daughter to do and look up to ? @kimkardashian damn shame,” another wrote.

While there were many hateful comments, some fans came to defend the mother of 3.

“Cannot believe I’m seeing comments calling her a bad mother and the worst mother ever, accusing her of child abuse and pedophilia. People are so sick. She is a loving mother, focus on people who actually abuse their kids,” commented one user.

“She took a revealing photo for her Mum. Boo hoo. Get over yourself. It’s not like she’s not seen her skin before. She gave birth to her! It’s not abuse,” said another.

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