Kim Kardashian Talks About An Allergic Reaction Saint West Recently Had “I Screamed call 911”

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The Kardashian’s may have an immense amount of fame, but when it comes to their children, they’re just like any other protective mom. Kim Kardashian West was having a chat with a fan on Twitter when Kardashian said when it comes to her three kids, North, Saint, and Chicago, their health is taken very seriously to her.

The fan gave the KUWTK star props for always staying calm, even through chaotic moments. “Kim is so calm. can she teach me how to be that calm?” the fan tweeted.

“It doesn’t benefit you to not be calm. But let me tell you when one of my kids get injured or anything and I’m screaming and freaking everyone out,” the mom of three responded.

Kardashian then went into detail about what happened over the weekend with her son Saint. “I did it this weekend when my Sainty had an allergic reaction, and I jumped over the table like a hurdle lol. l Screamed call 911, and Khloe had to calm me down! I’m either super zen or so dramatic!” the KKW Beauty mogul Tweeted.

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Although the reality star didn’t go into detail about what happened to cause the allergic reaction, we’re glad he is doing better.

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