Kim Kardashian Wore Yeezy Crocs, And Instagram Wasn’t Impressed

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You know those people who can pull off even the most outlandish outfits? Yeah, Kim Kardashian is one of those people. However, after posting a picture to Instagram where she is wearing Kanye’s  newest Yeezys, fans were not impressed with her fashion choice. I honestly didn’t even notice the shoes at first, just look at how adorable Chi is! Kim is always supporting her husband by wearing things from his line. So, while it wasn’t out of the norm to see the KUWTK star wearing her husbands gear, these shoes from the collection had many confused.

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Kim posed with Chicago while in Tokyo wearing white Croc-type Yeezys that left many leaving their opinions in the comments. The white rubber shoes are definitely different and look similar to a Croc. Kim accessorized the Yeezy Foam Runners with a pair of silver metallic pants which really had people calling the outfit space-like.

“She got space ships on her feet,” commented one user. “either a spaceship or helmet on her feet,” commented another.  The shoes are set to release in 2020. Will you be purchasing them?

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