Kim Zolciak Slammed For Photoshopping Her 4-Year-Old Daughter’s Nose & Butt

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Kim Zolciak is getting major backlash after a picture she posted of her 4-year-old daughter allegedly looks as though she used Photoshop on her child’s butt and nose. The reality star posted the picture yesterday to her Instagram account and the backlash soon began after the original photo appeared on her older sister, Brielle’s Instagram stories — looking a bit different.

4-year-old Kaia Biermann appeared on her 21-year-old sisters stories and the picture is clearly the same, but there are some evident differences between the two. @thegoodthebadandthefake posted a side-by-side of the original image posted by Kim’s oldest daughter with the edited one in question.

People are furious over the differences, accusing the 40-year-old mom of six of Photoshopping her child’s bum and nose. One user commented, “Who photo shops a pic of a 4 year old to make their butt bigger and nose smaller?! Or is your skirting board just naturally wavy? Why is the original of this photo completely different?”

You photo shopping your YOUNG CHILD’S body is you blatantly saying that she isn’t good enough naturally. Be better than this or she’ll grow up hating herself,” commented another.

The Bravo star has yet to comment on the picture of her toddler.

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