KitKat Drumsticks Exist, And They Look Delicious!

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Break me off a piece of that KitKat Drumstick! Isn’t it just the best when two delicious treats come together? Nestlé’s new Kit Kat Drumsticks puts your favorite chocolate wafer candy into an ice cream cone. According to the insider, the new KitKat drumstick version is being sold at Kroger in the frozen food section.

The new ice cream that comes in a 4pk takes the original Drumstick cone filled with vanilla ice cream, a fudge center, chocolate shell coated in roasted peanuts, and adds Kit Kat wafers into it — yum!

The new dessert is also sold in an 8pk-variety that features chocolate ice cream in the Drumstick cone. According to the insider, the KitKat ice cream cones will be sold in more grocery store chains in the coming weeks.

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