Klay Thompson Could Be Out Until All-Star Break

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Klay Thompson so happened to get his focus shifted during his playoff run and he’s been a motivation for the Golden State Warriors. Kevin Durant & Klay have been out for the Warriors for quite some time now.

Now a member of the Brooklyn Nets Durant is no longer a player for the Warriors. This brings new obstacles to the Warriors this season. Klay Thompson is rumored to be out until All-Star break, he is currently recovering from a torn ACL which could is the same injury old team mate DeMarcus Cousins recovered from.

It could take him a while before he’s ready to return the court, He released a statement regarding his performance during the playoffs. “I felt like the best version I’ve ever felt of myself in that NBA Finals,” he’s currently in discussions about his new sneaker deal and has been super busy.

“I kid you not.” Thompson said about his comments on his performance during the playoffs.

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