Kyle Kuzma Eager To Prove Himself To Lakers

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The NBA has a new young star on the brink of a breakout season, Kyle Kuzma is ready to prove himself in the FIBA World Cup.

Team USA has watched a big percentage of the players they expected to be a part of the team turn down the oppurtunity.

Kuzma is a part of the players who are happy to represent the United States.

With him joins Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum & Kyle Lowry.

One name you may notice missing from the list is LeBron James who has been working overtime to keep fit.

“This offseason, you see just, people slandering his name and saying this about him, saying that,” Kuzma told ESPN. “But you know, he’s been super motivated this offseason working, between shooting movies he’s in the gym. He’s in the gym early, night, whatever. So just being locked in. That’s the biggest thing… being ready for it all.”

Kuzma spoke on being a part of team USA.

A lot of players they always say when they come back from USA, they have career years and they’re just more confident, more poised.”

The Lakers also added DeMarcus Cousins & Anthony Davis to make their team more competitive Kuzma is expected to play a role of the 3rd star in the Laker big 3.

Last season Kyle Kuzma averaged 18 ppg, 5.5 rebounds & 2.5 assists.

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