Kylie Jenner Throws Travis Scott ‘Avengers End Game’ Birthday Party

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Travis Scott turns 28 on April 30 and Kylie Jenner threw her man an epic ‘Avengers End Game themed party complete with costumes to celebrate. Travis dressed in an Iron Man costume while Kylie dressed up as Captain Marvel. “oh you didn’t catch iron flame and captain lip kit in the credits? sucks 4 you,” the 21-year-old wrote in the caption showing off their costumes.

A source told Hollywood Life that, “Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are more focused on their relationship now more than ever. They’re really trying to focus on bettering the relationship after spending so much time apart. They are really relishing in this time before Travis gets so busy again. Kylie and Travis both love music and it was a great opportunity to see their friends so they decided to go to Coachella for the night.”

Kylie plans on joining her man during his Astroworld tour along with their daughter Stormi like they did before.

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