Kyrie Irving Gets Injured During Practice

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Star of the Nets Kyrie Irving has injured his facial structure with a fracture and has been considered day-to-day which could mean he’ll be wearing a face mask this upcoming season.

He spoke with reporters about his battles with injuries.

“A lot of the battles I thought I could battle through in the team environment, I just wasn’t ready for,”

“And I failed those guys, in the sense that I didn’t give them everything I could have during that season.. In terms of me being a leader in that environment and bringing everyone together, I failed.”

Kevin Durant will not be able to play this upcoming season, he will be out will a ruptured Achilles tendon & Irving will have to sit out this season with a facial fracture.

Last season Irving put up some impressive numbers 23.8 ppg, 5 rebounds & 6.9 assists on 48.7%.

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