Kyrie Irving Leaves Nets Game With Facial Fracture

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Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving will be missing some time off the court, he hit his face after the tip off vs the Lakers. Superstar point guard now faces a injury that could lead him to wearing a facial mask for a while to help protect his face.

“Kyrie Irving’s preseason debut was cut short. He’ll play just one minute here after re-aggravating the facial fracture he suffered in an off season pickup game leading up to training camp.”

“Kyrie Irving is out with a face injury. He started and played one minute. Caris LeVert is questionable to return. Got scratched in the eye.”

“Kyrie Irving is out for the rest of the game after getting hit in the face. Caris LeVert is questionable to return.” fans wrote on Twitter.

He now has worn a face mask to protect his face for a 2017-2019 on and off.

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