Lakers Winning Pays Off, Streak Of 17-2 Currently Franchise Best

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Lakers Winning Pays Off, Streak Of 17-2 Currently Franchise Best 1793650191


The Lakers are rolling in the wins for the franchise this year and appear to be laser beamed focused on winning a championship.

This is the type of effort the team expected from their 2 superstars in LeBron James & Anthony Davis.

Their role players have also stepped up in a major way this season driving the team to a serious feat, the offensive effort has been great to watch and fans around the world are enjoying it in major way.

Currently right now the Lakers are on a 10 win streak and show no signs of slowing down. They could possibly set a franchise record this year in wins.

“Playing at championship level, we have guys that have been there, who know what it takes, so that helps for sure. But we just want to continue to get better and continue the process. This is a big process, this is a long process, but we can never shortcut it. But we enjoy it along the way” said coach Frank Vogel.

James & Davis are putting up a combined 51.8 ppg and keep their team focused on the goal they set in the beginning of the season.

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