Lamar Odom Speaks Out About His Recent Deactivation From Big 3 League

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Former Laker star Lamar Odom was recently “deactivated” from Ice Cubes Big 3 Basketball League.

The 2x NBA champion wasn’t given the specific reason on his dismissal from the league until he read about it on social media.

Ice Cube has already spoke out on behalf of the league: “As a league, we want players that are actually playing, so if you aren’t playing, or can’t play, or you have any health issues,” the Big3 doesn’t have room for these type of players.

Big3 noted in it’s statement that “Such changes are being implemented to maximize competition, protect the health of players, and to raise the level of the professionalism of the Big3.”

Odom released his reply via Instagram:

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#lamarodom Speaks !!! It seemed that Lamar was on a roll. After the shocking success of his tell-all book, the former NBA baller was set to go on the road with the best of retired players in Ice Cube’s Big 3 league but that recently came to a screeching halt. Lamar will no longer be a part of the team anymore simply because he wasn’t ready. Ice Cube was asked about the decision to cut Lamar and he responded that he loves the legend but they need guys who will be ready to play every night on their national tour. Odom took to Instagram to address the saddening conflict. Surprisingly, he claims that he found out via social media! ‘As most of you have heard, the @thebig3 decided to deactivate me for the remainder of the 2019 season. I respect @icecube & the other league executives, however, I am extremely disappointed with the way that this has been handled. Besides the embarrassment, it’s disappointing to read on IG that this decision had been made, especially without sharing it with myself or my manager. Only after I heard from the media, I was then told that the big boys cutting checks decided that they had to deactivate me with no real specific explanation. #TMZ apparently did manage to get a clear answer from Ice Cube, “my health was their concern.” I have been 100% transparent about my condition before signing the contract, but at that point it wasn’t an issue.’ #yofavoritegossip

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Odom only played one before him and 3 other players were removed from the Big3 league.

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