Latte Flavored Oreo Thins Are Coming To Stores Soon

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Oh Oreo, you just keep making my heart (and taste buds) happy! Oreo cookies are a guilty pleasure for me — and with so many flavors to choose from, (dark chocolate and chocolate peanut butter pie are my favs) the choices are of plenty! Looks like there will soon be a new flavor to choose from, The Junk Food Aisle’s Instagram page shared that Oreo is releasing latte-flavored Oreo Thins.

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The new cookies are made with a latte-flavored creme in between two thin Oreo cookies –yum, right? They will be available for purchase in June as a permanent product. So, obviously even Oreo knows these are going to be a major hit.
Iced coffee and some (a whole row) of these latte-flavored cookies sounds like a great start to summer!

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