LeBron James Breaks Record For Triple Doubles

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LeBron James is known to set records, but this record he’s broken has made him a basketball player on another level. Last night against the Oklahoma City Thunder LeBron recorded another triple double while being on his way to pass Jason Kidd for 4th place in triple doubles, he also recorded the stat to be the first player to record a triple double against every team in the NBA.

“I really don’t know what to think about it to be honest,” said LeBron. “I’ve had some great teammates and great coaches to put me in a position to be able to facilitate. My teammates have made shots for me throughout my career. Coaches have put me in position to be successful scoring the ball. I was just trying to read and react to the ball off the rim as far as getting rebounds. And hopefully throughout all those triple-doubles I have a winning record in those games.”.

He’s obviously not aware that he accomplished this difficult feat during the game, reporters brought it to his attention after he accomplished it.

For LeBron James it’s more important to win those games when he puts up big numbers the stats are only a reflection of his efforts.

This season he’s averaging 25 points, 11.1 rebounds & 7.9 assists.

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