Liam Hemsworth Posts Hilarious Video Scaring Miley Cyrus

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There have been many rumors surrounding Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, claiming the couple were broken up. However, the prank video recently posted by Hemsworth would determine that to be a lie.
Liam Hemsworth Posts Hilarious Video Scaring Miley Cyrus 266577372
The actor took to his Instagram stories on Thursday to share the hilarious video , which shows the two jamming out in a car together while filming a selfie video, before Hemsworth yells and something jumps out in Miley’s face.

I’m gonna beat the s—” Miley says to Liam in the video, stopping herself from finishing her sentence.
This isn’t the first time he has pranked the 25-year-old singer –accomplishing many pranks throughout their relationship successfully. He looked pleased with his fiance’s reaction, holding up a number one to the camera.

A prank back in 2017 showed Miley dancing to 21 Salvage’s single, “Bank Account,” when Liam suddenly yells out “Oh s—!,”while pretending to lose control of their car — Cyrus admitted it’s something he does and she doesn’t like it. Rumors that Cyrus and her fiance called it quits came after she deleted all her photos from social, but the playful video proves these two are still going strong.

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