Life After Cancer: What to Expect

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You have overcome the cancer yet the fear of the future remains. A new chapter of life begins where happiness and anxiety live side by side. You have completed the cancer treatment and new emotions are coming forward – you are relieved as you won the illness but you may feel scared about the uncertainty of the future recurrences. Here comes the time to cope with the new “normal” and find your own way to deal with your emotions as everyone is individual and there is no single solution for it.  Here’s what life after cancer is like and what you should expect from it.
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Learn About Side Effects

Unpleasant symptoms related to your treatment will stay for months or even years after treatment ends. And you should know both the short and long side effects in order to understand when to worry and when not to. As you are a cancer survivor, every symptom change that you notice in your health will be a cause for worry of a cancer recurrence. And you should know what signs to look for to detect a cancer return, or recurrence. So, it’s important to consult with your doctor after  the treatment to get your full diagnose description, treatment history and schedule when and what tests to give in order to be on the safe side. There are some patients who prefer to research their symptoms online and determine if it’s something to worry about, but it’s highly not advised to do so, always seek professional help and advice if you feel uneasy and if your health condition is bothering you.

Manage Emotions

Happiness, sadness, anxiety, fear, uncertainty… these are only few of the emotions that you will feel in sequence after integrative cancer treatment. Your life has been changed and it affected not only you, but also your family and people around you. After treatment you stop seeing your care team so frequently, maybe you feel less attention towards you compared the time when you were getting treatment. But this is a new state to cope with as you did when you were diagnosed with cancer. It will take time and practice to learn to manage emotions. Gradually you will return to your previous every day routine, your previous tasks and try to  just live . So, be patient, everything will gradually get in order on its own.

Be Positive as well as Keep Talking

Positive attitude might help you to manage your life better, it will make things easier. But it doesn’t mean you have to be positive in every minute. You shouldn’t feel guilty to express your fears from time to time. Be free, talk about your feelings with a trusted friend or family member or people who have gone through all this as you did.  You will learn from others experience, will share yours. It’s always a good practice. Talking about your feelings may seem hard but dealing with emotions makes you able to let these feelings go.

Deal with Uncertainty

Will it come back? How will I know if it comes back? When will it come back? What should I do if it comes back?  These are the questions that will constantly be in your mind after treatment. The practice of many treated people shows that these kinds of worries become less over the time, but you should also help yourself for that. How? Learn what you can do for your health now. Being informed will give you a sense of control. When these fears come to your mind, try to let those go, do not concentrate and make scenarios in your mind. Instead of wasting your time and energy on useless things focus on wellness and do whatever you can to stay healthy. Relax, take the present moment and control what you can.

Identify your Spiritual Needs

Spending time in nature, meditating, helping others are few of many ways people gratify their spiritual needs. Spirituality is important as people find meaning in life and feel that they are part of something greater.

Despite every difficulty after integrative cancer treatment you should remember that you are alive today, you have won the cancer and should appreciate what you have. You should fulfill life after cancer, should understand that everything is transitory, live in the moment and let every bad and distressing go. You CAN do it.

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