Lil Wayne Ditches Blink-182 Performance Due To Hotel Drama

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Lil Wayne has bailed on his performance with Blink-182 in St. Louis because he  claimed to have been kicked out of his hotel. However, there seems to be two sides to the story. The rapper tweeted out on Saturday, saying that he would not be doing the show that evening at the Hollywood Casini Ampitheatre with Blink-182.

Lil Wayne Ditches Blink-182 Performance Due To Hotel Drama 950716681

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He wrote, “Sorry not doing the show tonight in St Lou kuz I was just kik’d out the ritz and 12 got invovle so I gotta slide. Tht y’al f w me out here. Dam slime. It’s all luv tho.”

While Wayne claimed to have been booted out of the hotel, TMZ reports claim that isn’t necessarily truth. Police told the publication that the rapper left voluntarily after receiving multiple complaints of a marijuana smell coming from his room.

Allegedly, after being asked to open his balcony door to let the smell air out, Wayne got mad and went down to confront the staff. The confrontation reportedly led to the police being called.

According to TMZ, those close to Weezy say the real reason behind the chaos was that the front desk kept allowing phone calls coming through to his room from a crazed fan after repeatedly asking them to not let the call come through. Eventually he got fed up and confronted the front desk staff.

Many fans of Wayne are upset and are asking for a full or partial refund.

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