Lil Wayne Rushed Off Stage After Gunshots Fired At A3C Festival

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The A3C Festival took place over the weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, which featured Wu-Tang Clan and Lil Wayne as the festival’s headliners. Lil Wayne took the stage to perform some songs at the huge hip-hop event, and during his set something went wrong that caused the rapper to have to cut his performance short.

Screams were heard in the crowd and Lil Wayne was rushed off the stage by security. The crowd was chaotic and rushing around.

According to reports, someone yelled that they heard gunshots in the crowd, causing people to panic and rush out of the festival. The statement says there have been 12 minor injuries reported to the police from concert goers attempting to jump fences to leave the event.

There has been no evidence supporting that gunshots were fired at the event. The investigation is still on going.

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