Luka Dončić Has A Chance To Return Shortly After Christmas

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Luka Dončić Has A Chance To Return Shortly After Christmas 1272544027


Luka Dončić is a star point guard in the NBA and has been unable to play recently due to a ankle injury. The primary focus of the Mavs organization is keep their star player healthy while he works on his game he appears to be in good spirits.

Coach Rick Carlisle commented to reporters letting them know he’s close to a return and it will most likely be after the Christmas period.

During his time out Kristaps Porzingis has decided to step up and is paying off for his new team.

The Mavs have a lot of company in the western conference, this is considered among the toughest conferences in the league.

Potential teams they’re looking to beat is Lakers, Clippers & Rockets. The return of Dončić will help this team reach a new level.

This season he’s averaging 29.3 ppg on 48% shooting this is a career year for him.

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