Luka Doncic Will Return To The Dallas Mavericks Lineup Tonight

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Luka Doncic Will Return To The Dallas Mavericks Lineup Tonight 1124229031


Luka Doncic has been cleared to play by the Dallas Mavs, the star point guard is having a break out year and was diagnosed with a ankle sprain Dec. 14.

“I’m feeling good” said Doncic to reporters during his practice session.

He was only rumored to miss a short period of time but the sprain most likely prompted his team to look closer at him and it lead to a little more time being missed.

The Mavericks have had a solid season so far, they’re up against some tough competition for a playoff run. The Lakers, Clippers & Rockets are among the teams that are considered the favorite in the West.

Currently the team is 19-10 and are fifth place for a the Western Conference, this is most likely due to the point guards effective playing style.

The Dallas Mavs are most likely attempting to move up in rank so far this season they’ve made no major trades and will looking to their star players to carry them past this point.

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