Lunchables Is Launching A New Breakfast Line Called “Brunchables” Soon

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Lunchables have been a big deal to kids since the 1990s, and I was one of those kids growing up. My favorite lunchable was the pepperoni pizza with the capri sun plus whatever sweet treat it came with. Now, adults can once again enjoy a (nutritious) lunchable along with their kids.

Lunchables Is Launching A New Breakfast Line Called

Image Source: Lunchables

Lunchables is releasing a new product called Brunchables. The new lunchable creation is a breakfast sandwich that comes in three different combinations: bacon and cheese, breakfast ham and cheese, and sausage and cheese. Each breakfast kit includes eight to 10 grams of protein and the best part, they all come with a blueberry muffin.
When Lunchables posted the Brunchable addition on April 1, many believed it to be prank. However, the brand confirmed that Brunchables are in fact the real deal and will be available at your local grocery stores later this month — heck yeah!

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