Man Killed By Bear During ‘Selfie’ Attempt

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We have all taken a bad selfie or two, but for a man in Odisha, India named Prabhu Bhatara, he took a selfie that resulted in his death.
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Bhatara, a taxi driver in India was driving home guests from a wedding ,when he seen an injured bear and attempted to take a selfie, despite other passengers warning him against doing so.

It is not certain exactly when the incident took place. However, a video of the man being mauled by the bear surfaced to YouTube on Thursday.

Forest ranger Dhanurjaya Mohapatra said Mr. Bhatara “died on the spot,” adding the bear is being treated for its injuries.

Back in December, Instagram wrote a statement discouraging taking selfies with wildlife.

“Whether you’re trying to capture a perfect photo or take a selfie, we encourage you to be mindful of the environment around you. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment when you’re surrounded by nature’s beauty, but risking damage to the environment—whether it’s walking on wildflowers, moving a nest or carving initials—is never worth a few likes.” Instagram said the statement.



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