Man Steals Monopoly Vouchers, Threatening McDonald’s Employee With Knife

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A man wearing a hooded jacket, gloves, and a mask stormed into a London McDonald’s, carrying a knife, stealing a box of Monopoly vouchers.

The surveillance video shows the unidentified man running through the fast food restaurant carrying a kitchen knife.
Man Steals Monopoly Vouchers, Threatening McDonald#8217;s Employee With Knife
He then lifts the counter up, grabs the Monopoly box, and threatens an employee with his knife before leaving McDonald’s.

The robbery occurred on March 2, but police just released the footage in hopes of getting help in finding the thief.

“At 2 p.m. the suspect walked into McDonalds. Waving a knife at staff, he removed the movable counter separating the customers from the kitchen, grabbed a box of promotional Monopoly cards and vouchers and left the restaurant with the box,” police said, per the Evening Standard.

“The suspect is described as a black man, dressed in a dark and grey two tone hooded top, white gloves, black trousers and black shoes.”

The Monopoly vouchers were part of a promotional game in which McDonald’s customers collect pieces that can be redeemed for prizes, including a Mini Cooper car or cash rewards of over $130,000. It is not known if the man won any prize. However, the game has ended.

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