Many Forced To Vacate Homes Due To Massive Wildfires In California, Colorado & New Mexico

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Massive wildfires in California, Colorado and New Mexico have sent thousands of acres into flames — forcing hundreds of people having to evacuate their homes.

US Forest Service spokeswoman Judith Dyess told CNN by Sunday, the Ute Park Fire in New Mexico had grown to more than 31,000 acres, on Thursday the small community of Ute Park, with a population of about 70, was evacuated overnight.

The rain that is in the forecast for Sunday has officials hopeful that it will help firefighters with battling the blazing fires.

“We anticipate getting pretty severe thunderstorms this afternoon. There won’t be enough rain to significantly change long-term prospects for the fire,” Dyess said.

A blaze known as the 416 Fire in Colorado’s La Plata County had grown to 2,250 acres and was 10% contained on Sunday, according to authorities.

Like officials in New Mexico, Colorado’s firefighters were looking for help from two storms forecast for the area, according to Vickie Russo with the US Forest Service.

A vegetation fire in Laguna Beach, California, about 50 miles south of Los Angeles, has torched about 250 acres. More than 400 firefighters are fighting the blaze, according to the Orange County Fire Authority. There was 0% containment as of Saturday night.

No injuries or damaged structures have been reported in the blaze, named the Aliso Fire, but about 2,000 Laguna Beach residents had been evacuated by Saturday.

According to the Orange County Fire Authority, some mandatory evacuations were lifted on Saturday night, but remain in effect for the Top of the World neighborhood.

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