Mariah Carey Will Not “Acknowledge” FaceApp App

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I’m sure you have seen an unbelievable amount of celebrities on social media who have aged themselves using the FaceApp app. Whether you find it entertaining — or just creepy, there have been an outpour hitting our feed.

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Many of your favorite celebrities are really getting a kick out of aging themselves into great grandparents.

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Even celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay joined in on the fun.

However, there is one person who refused to “acknowledge” the app — none other than the queen herself, Mariah Carey.

On Thursday, Mariah, who celebrates her birthdays as anniversaries, took to Twitter to diss the popular app, saying, “FaceApp is not something I acknowledge.”

Coming from the goddess who never ages, not acknowledging an app that turns us into shrivelled up old people, makes total sense! Dismissed.

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