Mariah Carey’s NYE Hot Tea Is The First Meme Of 2018

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Mariah Carey had a ton of pressure riding on her performances last night with everyone watching to see if the diva would have a night similar to last years disaster of a performance on NYE — she totally nailed it! Not without giving everyone something else to talk about though.

Mariah took time to pause in between songs asking for her hot tea — leaving us all laughing and becoming the very first meme of 2018.
“I’m just gonna take a sip of tea if you’ll let me,said Mariah “They told me there would be tea. Oh, it’s a disaster. Okay, well, we’ll just have to rough it. I’m going to be like everybody else, with no hot tea.”

Even without the tea she came and slayed her performances without any hiccups — absolutely flawless.

Oh, and thankfully she finally got her tea and joined in on the humor by posting a picture with the caption, “Found my tea!”

Happy New Year! May it be filled with lots of laughter and all the hot tea your heart desires.