‘Married At First Sight’ Ashley Petta And Anthony D’Amico Welcome A Baby Girl

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Ashley Petta and Anthony D’Amico welcomed their first child together — a baby girl named Mila Rose D’Amico on Saturday, reported E! News. “We never knew we could love someone so much! She’s perfect in every single way. Holding her for the very first time was the single most amazing and surreal moment of my life. Watching Anthony taking care of her makes me love him even more,” Ashley shared in an interview with People.

Fans that have watched the couple should be seeing the precious little girl soon because Ashley told People that she was looking forward to showing her off to the world.

Anthony previously told E! News that “Ashley and I were very excited when we found out that we were having a girl! Girls seem to always be the firstborn in both of our families so we cannot say we were surprised, but there was still a small part of us thinking, ‘Well I guess it could also be a boy?’’

Congratulations to Ashley and Anthony on their new bundle of joy!

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