Martha Stewart Cooks Scrambled Eggs In A Cappuccino Maker, And The Internet Loses It

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Martha Stewart shared a hack to cooking scrambled eggs in a cappuccino maker that has many people saying, wait, what? In December, Martha did a collab with Food Network where she is seen cooking eggs in an unconventional way, steaming them in a cappuccino maker!

Eggs are typically prepared in a pan but if you just so happen to have a cappuccino maker hanging around in your kitchen, Martha says, your eggs can be ” buttery and fluffy and light and delicious,” by using it in replace of your typical pan made eggs.

While cooking the eggs in a cappuccino maker is very inventive, and it is Martha, so it would be worth a try — we’re here for the hilarious comments under the video!

“Next up: How to cook a brisket in your dishwasher,” wrote one Facebook user

“Next we’ll learn how to make coleslaw with a cabbage and a ceiling fan,” said another

One user asked the question, “So what’s more hard to clean a frying pan or a cappuccino maker?”

Oh, Martha!

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