McDonald’s Will Be Adding Cheesy Bacon Fries To Their Menu Nationwide Really Soon!

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When it comes to fast food joints, I feel as though the United States kind of lacks a bit in choices. McDonald’s is one of the most popular places to grab a burger and fries on the go, but in other countries there are many other options to choose from. Let’s take Mexico for example, where you can order ‘McMolletes‘ and in Malaysia you can get a ‘Green Tea McFlurry‘ at the golden arches. McDonald’s in India provides many vegetarian choices such as their ‘Veg Pizza McPuff ‘ and many other options too.

Although we wont see any of those foods mentioned above anytime soon in the states, McDonald’s is bringing a tasty new addition to their menu nationwide really soon —  Cheesy Bacon Fries! The new dish that is said to feed two (let’s be real here) will start off with their famous french fries, topped with cheddar cheese sauce, and crispy bits of bacon.

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The fries that will be priced at $4 will be available nationwide in 2019, according to Business Insider. Some have already tested out the new addition and seem to enjoy it — BUT it is fries loaded with cheese and bacon, how can you go wrong.

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