Meet The Newborn That Won $11,000 For Being Named After KFC’s Colonel Sanders

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Back in September, KFC announced a contest in honor of KFC’s Colonel Sanders’s birthday. The contest rules were: whoever had a baby on Colonel Sanders birthday September 9 and named them Sanders first name(Harland) will enter for a chance to win $11,000 to go toward the child’s college tuition.

The winner was announced on October 30, and TBH, I’m really loving the name! Harland Rose was born on September 9, 2018 — weighing in at 8 pounds and 1 ounce. The baby girl was announced as the winner on KFC’s Twitter — isn’t she cute?!

The contest was a hit, with many children born on September 9 being named Harland in hopes to win the $11,000 prize.College students also came forth to say they would change their name if it meant them getting their tuition fees paid off. There were also people who didn’t agree with the contest and thought it was an extreme way to gain money. However, the contestants felt like the name was perfect for their baby, whether they won or not — we agree, Harland is a cute name!

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