Meghan Markle’s Sister Says Her Mother Doria “wasn’t around very much” During Childhood

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Just when you think Meghan Markle’s sister is done causing drama, she seems to start it back up again. This time around, Samantha Markle went after the duchess’ mother, Doria, claiming their dad “raised her (Meghan) on his own.”

Samantha Markle took to Twitter to say that, “My dad’s amazing and what the public does not realize is that he raised her on his own for quite some time especially through high school. He’s given her everything she’s ever had and was always there.”

She went on to say in another tweet: “The world doesn’t know our dad raised her most of the time without input from her mother especially from age 12 throughout high school and gave her everything she’s ever had and is. Meghan was never raised as an only child. Truth kids! He’s amazing and successful, and Mags lie.

According to Samantha, the former Suits actress, “spent weekends with Doria, but dad took Meghan to school every day and then picked her up. She shared time between both of them but most of it was with dad, and after 12 it was full-time with him as a single dad. He did more for her than anybody her whole life.”

Samantha was recently showing much remorse for attacking her sister in social media by apologizing continuously. However, it seems as though that only lasted a short while because she is back at it again. Meghan and her mother Doria have what appears to be a great relationship. The royal family and fans love Doria as much as they do the duchess of Sussex herself. 

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