Meghan Markle’s Sister Threatens To Meet The Duchess While In London ‘whether she likes it or not’

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Meghan Markle’s sister, Samantha announces that she was in London and she was going to meet up with the Duchess “whether she likes it or not.” Samantha’s publicist took to his Twitter to make the announcement days ago. Posting a pic of him and Samantha he wrote,”Samantha Markle’s coming to the U.K. After making numerous attempts in private to arrange a one-on-one meeting with The Duchess of Sussex and discuss their 74-year-old father’s health, Kensington Palace has refused to respond.

He continued: “I fear Meghan may not be made aware of these private attempts and so, making this public is the only option we have. I currently have Samantha in Europe just one short flight away. This DOES NOT need to be public, we’d prefer to keep it private. Samantha’s coming to the UK this week, like it or not.

Markle’s half-sister is desperate to meet with the Duchess for a sit down. However, the drama that surrounds Samantha makes the sit down with Meghan highly unlikely. An insider told HollywoodLife, “The idea that Samantha can just turn up at Kensington Palace and demand to see Meghan is beyond laughable.”

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