Miley Cyrus & Chris Hemsworth Call It Quits

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Miley Cyrus posted on Instagram: “Mute me if you don’t want SPAMMED,”.

She’s been spotted on several occassions not wearing her wedding ring.

Her sister Brandi Cyrus commented on one of her pictures, “Boooooooooooooom!”.

The picture she commented on was taken while Cyrus was on vacation with Kaitlynn Carter in Italy.

Cyrus spoke out about how she doesn’t “fit into a stereotypical wife role.”

“I think it’s very confusing to people that I’m married. But my relationship is unique,”

“I don’t know that I would ever publicly allow people in there because it’s so complex, and modern, and new that I don’t think we’re in a place where people would get it,” said Cyrus. “I mean, do people really think that I’m at home in a fu*ing apron cooking dinner? I’m in a hetero relationship, but I still am very sexually attracted to women.”

Neither Miley nor Liam have confirmed the break up yet.

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