Missouri Couple Charged With Child Abuse For Whooping Their Child

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Kiamante Delano Thomas and Abigail Grace, both 23, were charged in Utah with child abuse for inflicting “whoopings” on their 15-month-old son.

According to reports, the couple moved from Missouri to West Valley City, Utah, with their son about six weeks ago and were staying with a relative.

The couple admitted that the father, Kiamante Thomas regularly gave their son “whoopings” with his hands, a belt and an electrical cord. Abigail Thomas acknowledged striking the boy with a hairbrush and slapping his face, according to police.

A doctor found the boy to be abnormally thin with his ribs showing. There were bite marks on the boy’s legs. According to witnesses, the parents kept the boy isolated.

Kiamante Delano Thomas and Abigail Grace were each indicted on four counts of child abuse.