Montel Williams “Almost Died” After Suffering Hemorrhagic Stroke

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Montel Williams revealed in an interview that he suffered a scary health incident back in May, which almost took his life.“I had what they call a hemorrhagic stroke, I almost died. I’m lucky to be alive,”  he told The Blast. Williams was working out by himself at the gym in his New York hotel on May 30 when he suddenly heard a “loud pop” on his left side.

“I looked up and everything turned into kaleidoscope,” he recalled. “I knew something was majorly wrong, so I forced myself to get to my room on the 14th floor and called my wife. I told her that I may be having a stroke, so please call 911. She did the rest.”

A special stroke emergency team came to the scene and performed a CT scan immediately which confirmed Williams suffered a stroke. The paramedics took the 62-year-old to the hospital to which he remained in intensive care unit 9 days and a total of 21 days at the hospital.

Montel Williams

“I give all the credit to my wife,” he told The Blast. “She laid on the bed with me for all 21 days, sleeping at the hospital and staying there 18 hours a day. The only thing I remember for the first five days of the ICU is her saying, ‘I love you.’”

Williams, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999, says he is doing much better now and is expecting to be fully recovered soon.

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