MTV’s True Life Returns With The Season Premiere “Obsessed With Being A Kardashian”

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MTV’s award-winning documentary series True Life that premiered nearly 21 years ago is making a comeback and it is getting a new name too — True Life/Now.

MTV's True Life Returns With The Season Premiere

Image source: MTV

The show kicks off tonight, January 2  with the “reboot” following three young people who are obsessed with looking like the Kardashians.

“The Kardashians are my church, are my God,” one of the Kardashian obsessed can be heard saying in the trailer.

True Life was never actually canceled but hasn’t aired a new episode since 2017.  True Life/Now can be watched on MTV every Wednesday at 10 p.m where episodes will tackle modern day obsessions such as, self-image, trying to look like Snapchat filters and plastic surgery trends. Watch the trailer for the season premiere “Obsessed with Being a Kardashian” above.

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