Multiple Suspects Arrested In Connection To Mac Millers Overdose

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Mac Miller died in September 2018, A second suspect has been arrested Lake Havasu City, Arizona, Ryan Reavis was taken into custody on Tuesday September 24.

Cops wouldn’t mention in what way this suspect was connected to the rapper’s overdose, police discovered a physician’s prescription pad, prescription-only pills, drug paraphernalia, marijuana, several firearms, a personally manufactured firearm suppressor and large amounts of ammunition.

Reavis was held on a $50,000 cash-only bond and transferred to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office where he remains in custody.

A third Suspect has also been found and arrested for suspicion of being connected to Mac Miller’s death.

TMZ reports that Stephen “Stevie” Walter was arrested Monday in Los Angeles. He was contacted by Cameron James Pettit on September 4, 2018. Mac Miller asked for “10 blues”.. Percocet pills.

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